During a “semaine speciale” at the Ecal in Lausanne, I was invited to teach scripting in typedesign. I started with some basic python lessons in drawbot so the students could play with basic shapes applying scripts.

The class was divided into two groups . The goal for the first group was to program an autoTypeGenerator. The script uses predefined basic elements to construct a whole alphabet. These basic elements have “magnetic points” inside, so they were able to connect smoothly. The output was a font with a lot of components. As a result, after using the script, it was easy to change the basic elements to end up with a completely different typeface.

The second group was more focused on design and scripting. They made a booklet which was completely built by a script. The program places text with style sheets and images.

After the workshop, I kept working on the idea of building a complete font out of some basic elements. The result is FontConstructor.

Thanks to all the students *:)

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