One of the main requested features for UFOstretch is the ability to apply the stretch parameters to all glyphs in a font easily.

UFOstretch has now a new ‘Generate All’ toolbarbutton. Which is going to apply all parameters to the complete charset of the first master.

This request also solves an other issue: stretch components! UFOstretch doesn’t support components in a sub-stretch-set. The app decompose them before generating a stretched glyph cause the app cannot know if you added the baseglyph. The complexity is becoming higher when a user wanted to insert the stretch set in an existing UFO. So the ‘Generate All’ button supports components so al your components stay components.

Other changes are:

  • support for Lion
  • input field to type your stretched glyphs.
  • check box show both masters allows you to display the two masters. The first master will be on the left the second master will be on the right of the stretched glyphs.
  • keyboard support for adjusting the sliders:
    type ‘i’ for selecting the Interpol sliders
    type ‘s’ for selecting the Scale sliders
    type ‘t’ for selecting the Tracking slider
    type ‘k’ for selecting the Skew slider
    type ‘h’ for selecting the Shift sliders

    type ‘x’ or ‘y’ for none proportional adjustments

    arrow key left and right will adjust the sliders by 1
    ⇧ down adjust by 10
    ⇧ + ⌘ down adjust by 100
    ⌥ downs adjust by 0.5

enjoy and check it out !
(existing users will get an email with a direct download)

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